Vikings show spirit

A recap of BHS homecoming

Homecoming, a week loved by most, if not all high schoolers is especially loved at Bigfork High School. Here, it seems as though school spirit runs true in students veins as they dressed up for the occasion. 

   Beginning with Meme Monday, Senior, Maggie Piazzola and Junior, Quinlan Nissen’s “Road work ahead, uh I sure hope it does” costumes cannot be forgotten. Along with the many Peppa Pigs and Arthurs. An epic Tuesday of twins followed. For some it was triplet Tuesday; for Senior, Emma Mildren, and Juniors, Audrey Buenz and Addison Reichner as they took on the appearance of rainbow unicorns. 

   Tacky Tourist Wednesday was widely partaken in. For many students socks with sandals, straw hats, khaki shorts and binoculars were a staple to complete the look. 

   For many students, Throwback Thursday left costumes mostly up. Of course Friday brought color wars and a dodge ball tournament, as well as many games and activities, assemblies, and the famous Bigfork High School Homecoming Parade. English teacher, Natalie Burton, who is new to Bigfork High School, said it was, “fun. I enjoyed students playing games and having fun. 

    Student council advisor, Josh Feller said about preparing for the week, “At the beginning we know the week is going to be chaotic and stressful which brings up our anxiety levels. But when we realize that it will always work out like it did again this year, it always works out. And this year it’s been nothing but compliments again.”

   The Vikings took on the Deer Lodge Wardens and had a glorious win with students and players decked out in mint green in remembrance of recently passed classmate, friend, and beautiful angel, Saylor Martinz. With an concluding score 36-12 

 Throughout the week, Boys soccer won in a battle against the Libby Loggers. The finale homecoming dance was a smashing success. With a glow in the dark theme, which was a hit and by the end everyone in attendance was sporting glow sticks on their heads, arms and necks. All in all,  Bigfork High School yet again showed their true Viking Spirit after a spectacular week of celebration.

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