From my first experience in journalism during the eighth grade, I have been committed to providing truthful and ethical news.

My first hard-hitting article was born from the question of legality in removing cell phones from public school campuses. I researched and purchased The 200 Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions for Educators in order to better inform myself on this topic before proceeding with my news story. My original intent was to write an opinion article, however, after interviewing sources from both sides I decided making a personal statement would be unfair; thus, I instead wrote an informative research article.

Later during my junior year, after reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of our program, my adviser and I unanimously decided to forgo our April Fool’s paper, which had been a tradition for many years, as we did not want perpetuate fake news, no matter the scale.

Possible phone policy change at BHS

Discussing the phone policy at Bigfork High School The cell phone policy at Bigfork High School has been a popular subject in the eyes of students and staff alike.  Many teachers have differing opinions about this policy. And though they differ one thing remains the same, humans as a whole are addicted to the tech…

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How do I know?

A quick rundown of where each presidential candidate stands on important issues. With all the chaos that surrounds the upcoming election, the facts about what each candidate supports can quickly become overwhelming or lost. As November 3rd nears, the pressure is on to decide where votes will be cast. Some voters know nothing about the…

Statewide officials

Who was elected in Montana and other votes The presidential election has been highly publicized. It seems no one is unaware of the White House drama. However, less might be aware of the state election results. Though as learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, state leaders are very influential and important.    Montana elected largely Republican officials…

During the 2020 election season, I was right on the brink of voting eligibility yet found myself to myself to be very uniformed. Realizing many others in my school and community may feel similar, I embarked on creating a simple way for these people to learn more about their national and local government officials and policies.

An excerpt of notes I took regarding student newspaper laws at the University of Montana Journalism Day circa 2018.

Below is a presentation I created regarding student censorship and freedom of the press. I displayed this presentation students who were not part of the journalism staff that they might understand how censorship and informational freedom affects them as well.